Boys are off for a road trip

Last night Henry said that he was going to a nearby ski resort to do some training stuff (he is a ski patroller).  The other ski resort is about 3hrs drive and Henry gets put up in a really nice hotel for 2 nights.

He asked if Will and I wanted to go on a road trip with him.

I don’t think this is too tough to answer – go on a road trip with 2 hot guys (one Aussie and one American),  both under 24yo and I’ve sucked both their cocks.  The hotel room will only have a double bed in it so we’ll have to figure that out – this is what comes to mind for me.


I think it is safe to assume that I accepted.  We leave on Monday and I can’t wait!!!!

Threeway Gay

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


nothing better to be with then a threesome


have had a threesome myself it’s nothing better cock at both ends


Damn that is hot

Check out