Boys Wrestling in Speedos

Dave and Michael now both lay on the cold hard floor in the humiliating pose that Justin assembled. Oil glistening on the bodies of both swimmers drawing lots of attention to their fine tuned muscles. Dave, with cum all over his face moans in agony 10 minutes later as he opens his eyes for the first time since he was left looking up Brooke’s skirt. His eyes scan around, his mind trying to comprehend what had just happened. Not seeing that it was in fact Michael’s face resting on his crotch, Dave’s speedo grew as his bulge got bigger, thinking about Brooke in that sexy thong she was wearing when she sat over top of him. Michael soon lifts his head up in shock.

“Dude!!” Michael shrieks.

Dave slowly lifts his head, using lots of energy to do so and sees his best friend sitting up now between his legs.

“Ah, sorry bro, thought you were my bitch sucking me”. Dave answers.

“What happened?” Michael asks.

“Dude, really dont wanna talk about it, gotta be the most humiliation ive ever been through”. Dave responds.

The two boys slowly rise to their feet as they manage to stumble to their room for the night. Both boys collapse onto their beds and fall asleep instantaneously.

The next morning Dave wakes up around 10am and rises out of bed. Still in his tight speedo he pulls on a pair of basketball shorts and glances over towards the door. He sees a piece of paper sticking out a little bit as if there were something hanging on the door on the outside. He opens the door and glances at the front of the door, he sees a piece of paper written on. He pulls the letter of the door and reads it to himself:

——- Dave, I hope that what happened last night really put you in your place you jerk. Not only am i embarassed to have dated you, but im more than embarassed for you after what happened. You really had that coming and you are such a tool. Please do me a favor and never mention my name again because you are far from good enough for me. PS, Justin fucked me soooo hard last night after you got your ass kicked and he was wayyy better than you and his sweet cock is 10 inches. Bet your jealous, but i really dont give a shit.———

Dave crumbles the letter up in anger and turns and throws it at his friend sleeping.

“What was that? Michael said, getting up rather quickly.

“Nothing, just something that bitch Brooke left me”

Dave strokes his chin for a moment “Dude were gonna get back on this fag soo good today.”

“Dude just please leave me out of this one ok? I really dont need any more embarassment and i have a killer headache”.

“Fine Michael!” Dave concludes.

Dave strorms out the door walking towards the locker room and showers for practice. After a tough workout Dave returns to the lockeroom to change. To his suprise across the room he spots Justin wearing a pair of boardshorts that seem a little to loose to fit him. He grits his teeth in anger as he clenches his fists and walks straight up to Justin slamming him against the lockers. He squeezes his fists and sends punch after punch to Justins ribs, stomach, and chest. Justin recieves a great deal of pain forcing him to clench his stomach and stumble to the ground in pain. Dave walks away with his head held high with a sense of redemption cleared. But for Dave that wasnt all, later that day he attended the school gym to workout a bit. In one of the backrooms there was a wrestling ring, somewhat like the ones used in professional wrestling. Dave had left a note on Justin’s door challenging him to a wrestling match at the gym. As Dave enters the backroom he sees justin already warming up on on a punching bag.

“Hey fag! you ready to wrestle?” Dave calls across the room.

“haha, oh ya, lets see how you do without catching me off guard like in the lockerroom earlier.” Justin replies.

Dave still found it bizarre how such a skinny nerd could have so much bravery and confidence. As dave climbs up onto the ring surface Justin slides under the bottom rope and rises to his feet in a jump motion.

“Thought i would sport your attire in our little wrestling match” Justin says, dropping his shorts and lifting his shirt revealing a tight red speedo.

Dave smirks as he too undresses down to his favorite tight blue speedo.


“Ohhh Yeah, first one to get a pin wins k?”

“Let me just tell you now, its gonna take a hell of a lot to pin me” Dave says.

The two boys square up as the door to the back room opens. Both boys draw their eyes to the guest, to their suprise its Brooke. Brooke steps in wearing a tight low cut refree striped shirt with a very short black shirt, revealing her jet black thong whenever she moved a muscle.

“Thought you guys might need a refree to call the pinfall”

Justin and Dave square up again as Brooke steps into the ring looking awfully sexy. The two boys clinch up pushing and shoving one another trying to feel eachother’s strategy out. Justin manages to land a few weak punches to dave’s chest and neck area as he grabs hold of dave’s forearm and spins him around for an arm bar. Justin applies more pressure and listens for Dave’s pain in each notch of pressure he applies. Dave then does some maneuvering roles and ends up flipping Justin onto his back on the mat. Justin clenches his back in pain from the fall as he rolls over and quickly gets back up. Both boys fix their speedos and readjust in the small break of action. Dave manages to grab hold of Justin’s arm and whips him towards the ropes. Justin bounces off the ropes and returns towards Dave as Dave bends over and throws justin over his shoulders sending him high in the air crashing back down to the ring mat.

Dave sees that Justin will be down for a moment and turns to Brooke in her sexy referee outfit. He approaches her while untieing his drawstring. As he gets close to her he asks her if she could help him tie his drawstring back up. She sticks her middle finger up at Dave and dave turns back around to justin, still laying on the ground. He lifts Justin up off hte ground and sends him whipping against the ropes again. Dave attempts the same move as before however this time Justin stops before he gets to close to Dave who is bent down ready to fling him, and delivers a kick to his face, sending Dave tumbling backwards. While stumbling backwards trying to recover from the kick Dave bounces against the ropes and stumbles back towards justin. Justin launches himself at Dave and gives a huge clothesline putting Dave’s back on the floor. Justing attempts to maintain the momentum and lifts Dave to his feet and shoves him into a ringpost corner sending punches to his torso one after another. He tries a kick, but dave catches his foot and pushes him back. As Justin falls backwards losing his balance, Dave lifts himself onto the turnbuckle and stands up. He quickly jumps and lands an elbow drop on Justin dealing a large amount of damage to him. Dave stands back up and approaches the turnbuckle once again and climbs up, only this time Justin runs up while Dave is standing on top of the turnbuckle and whacks Dave’s leg out sending him dropping onto the ringpost with split legs. Dave yells in pain from the low blow the turnbuckle has caused him. Justin climbs the turnbuckle now and lifts Dave, who was strattling the ring post, up so both boys are standing on top of the small cornerpost. Justin throws one of Dave’s arms around his neck and reaches for some leverage. He grabs the side of Dave’s shiny blue speedo, he fastens his hold on the speedo and flings Dave over his head as he falls back as well delivering a vertical suplex off of the turnbuckle. Dave falls on his back looking as if he wont last much longer.

Justin gathers some strength after his last move which appeared to have damages himself as well and approaches Dave laying spread on the mat. As he reaches to grab Daves hair to lift him up Dave manaeuvers a quick pin and rolls Justin up in a possom pin trying to score a quick 3 count. Brooke squats down and slaps the mat as she counts 1….2….But justin kicks out of the quick sneaky pin just in time. Dave takes the upper hand performing a small array of wrestling moves such as a german suplex, clotheslines, scoop slams. Dave seems to have the match in his favor now since he had now performed 3 solid moves without Justin even struggling agaisnt him. Dave lifts justin to his feet and grabs a hold of his lower stomach nad neck as he shoulder presses Justin above his head holding his arms straight up with Justin laying limp high above the ring. Dave holds Justin above him as Brooke watches in a small bit of amazment, however she quickly excuses the thought since Dave is such a deushbag. Dave suddenly drops Justin to the mat as Justin lays flat on his stomach. Dave uses his foot to flip Justin over onto his back and he lays his foot right no Justins neck as he performs a flaunting pose of victory signalling Brooke to count the pin. ONNEEE! TWOOOO! THH…..Justin somehow manages to kick out.

Dave turns to Brooke in complete outrage nad yells at her as if she had killed someone. He hassles her about how the count was 3 but she shakes her head signaling that it was in fact only a two count. the arguing continues, Dave seems more than enthused in this argument as time passes, Justin remains layed out on the floor trying to regain strength, and Brooke continues to hold up 2 fingers singnalling it was a two count. Dave now is outraged as he lifts justin up and props him above his shoulders again, this time with more ease and drops him. Lifts him again, and drops him. He lifts Justin up for a third time in a row nad drops him. Dave’s teeth gritting from anger and aggression and Justin takes the beating. Dave stands justin up and begins throwing punch after punch until Justin is forced back against the ropes. Dave flings Justin off the ropes as a whip and charges him for a clothesline. Justin manages to duck and avoid the attack as Dave remains confused for a moment missing his target, Justin springs off of the ropes and sends a flying shoulder to Dave’s face sending him to the ground. Justin stammers to his feet and lifts Dave to his feet, sends a kick to his lower stomach and shoves Dave’s head between his legs setting up a big move, possibly a finisher. With Justin standing with Daves head between his legs, he grabs the back of Dave’s shiny blue and already tight speedo and yanks it giving a wedgie turning the shiny blue speedo into more of a thong. Dave then uses all his might and lifts dave upside down and holds him for a moment, then drops Dave to his head as Justin sits. A piledriver, Justins favorite move to see in pro wrestling, never thought it would work so well. Justin drops Dave onto his head and Dave is out cold. He lays on the mat looking even more out then the last time Justin had knocked him out. Justin isnt done yet though. He drags Dave’s lifeless body towards the turnbuckle and Justin climbs to the top and leaps high up into the air landing a huge frogsplash onto Dave. Justin stands up in triumph as he approaches Brooke. Brooke looks at Justin with the same horny-ness as last time and runs her finger down his chest and stomach and turns around, bending over completly for Justin revealing her black thong and presses her butt up against Justins crotch. A bulge grows very quickly in Justins red speedo as he becomes erect. He walks back over to Dave’s lifeless body spread across the mat and stands over his body. Justin unties his drawstring, and lowers his speedo. He kneels down into a girl-pushup position over Daves body and uses his hand to open dave’s mouth and sticks his hard 10 inch cock into Dave’s mouth as far back as it goes. Brooke drops to the floor and counts 1………….2…………………….3! As her hand slaps the mat for the third time indicating Justin is the winner. Justin pulls out of Daves mouth and stands over his body in triumph. He looks over at Brooke as she walks over to him and says ” Ready to give him something he will never forget?” smiling with more of an evil grin……………………

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