Bucks Weekend at Lake Powell

I mentioned that I am heading to the US for a bucks weekend (AKA – bachelor weekend, I can’t believe the number of people who have never heard the term ‘Bucks Weekend’).  It is an old friend of Kip’s who I’ve met a bunch of times and snowboarded with when I’ve visited Kip in Colorado.

It is a gay marriage and the guys are renting a couple of huge house boats on Lake Powell.  It looks gorgeous and the weather should be nice and hot in the Utah/Arizona desert.  I’m flying into Denver and heading up to Kip’s and pretty much straight away we are on the road for a 9 hour plus drive across and down there where we’ll spend July 4th on the water.

I’m actually leaving tomorrow, sorry I haven’t mentioned it before now but I’ve been flat out with a tonne of movies for SwimmerBoyz.com and I’ve really nailed it the last two or three weeks.

I have never been to a gay wedding before, nor have I been to a gay bucks weekend.  I really am not sure what to expect… will it be just days of debauchery or will it be sedate?  You can bet that as soon as I find out I will be informing you guys about it.

Speedos will be packed and a solid supply of condoms and lube as well of course…..

Jet Ski Speedo Guy

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Dr. Phil

Despite having lived in several English-speaking countries, I can’t say I’ve ever heard the “Bucks’ Weekend” phrase before…”Stag Party,” yes, but that can cover a variety of things, but often means a pre-wedding bachelor party…so, it just might be a regional thing of “rutting antlered male animal” ultimately. 😉

As for the guy pictured here: well, I wouldn’t buck him off the jet ski, that’s for sure! 😉

I’ve only been to one gay wedding (the couple is nice, and the reception was as well, but the ceremony itself–which is important considering my line of work!–was pretty ho-hum, even though it was done by a lesbian minister); I’ve never been to a bachelor party/bucks’ weekend/stag party/etc., and probably never will.

But, I’ll be in Vegas for part of this week and coming weekend, so that should be interesting! I am hoping I might get to speedo it up by the pool on one day, at least…we shall see.

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