Busy as hell.

Yes I did make it back OK on Sunday night – thanks to all for the concerned emails.

Yesterday was crazy – I went snowboarding with Matt, cleaned up my gear from the weekend and did some half monthly financial report stuff. Then I had to have drinks with this str8 mate of mine here in town who just broke up with his girlfriend (he is hot too).

So my list of chores for today…
– pick up my car (which I left at Roberts place – the str8 guy) which is a good 1hr walk.
– organise/get a haircut
– get a real job (hehe)
– do some grocery shopping
– add new page for Bondi Rescue on ‘my site
– add 2 model shoots that have been waiting for a week
– update my yahoo group
– post pics here of this hot aussie guy in spain in his aussiebums
– write up what I got up to in my speedos on Saturday afternoon

I think that is it – if I can do all of that today I will be very happy. I’m off to pick up my car.

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