Busy as hell.

Well guys the last week has been super hectic.

Angela has had some friends of hers from back East (where she is from) here for the last week and lots of drinking and I’ve been playing snow host and riding with them most days.

I can’t ever remember being this tired!!! And it isn’t just today but for the last 5 days I’ve been absolutely rooted. I don’t know what it is hey – I’ve been getting up around 9 most days and going riding but not too hard. I normally get up way earlier and the last 4 nights in a row I’ve been asleep by 11pm. I’m sure it is just catching up.

I’ve just spent 2 hours updating ‘my site‘ and I’m stoked about adding some new movies. I’m sure my tiredness is just an intense couple of weeks catching up.

Bad thing is that Will left yesterday for a weeks road trip to Banff and I really haven’t been thinking about sex at all. I don’t think I’ve had a wank in 2 days (just about a record for me – hehehe). But I”m sure things will pick up and now I have my room to myself for a week so I should run amok.

So I’m off to bed now guys – catcha tomorrow.

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ten and cut

I hope you got off a good pounding when you went to bed. 2 days dude, you gonna explode, I know I would it is hard to go more than 5 hours, without releif.

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