C is for Christmas Dinner

Christmas day here for the next hour and I’ve just ticked C off in the Alphabet game with the help of Henry.

This period of time leading up to Xmas and through New Years is the busiest for staff up here.  All the staff get extra long hours and nobody gets any days off – since nobody has family here it isn’t as bad as it sounds.

Since everyone is working late tonight I cooked up a rack of beef (you know with the bones hanging out).  I had never cooked this before but I saw it on a TV cooking show last week and it looked easy enuf.  Henry and Sam went down town on Friday so I ordered the meat and they picked it up.  I had roast potatoes and roast sweet potatoes,  some boiled carrots and beans and gravy of course (the gravy is where the C comes in – hehehe).


Well I did write that first half on Xmas Day but I got interrupted (Will was home and I wanted to suck some cock).  It is now a couple of days later….

So back to C for Christmas Day.  I’ve got to duck out again in like 5 mins and I’m sitting on my bed wearing nothing but a pair of my new speedos and my laptop.  I’m meeting Will, Amy, Sam and Henry out at the main pub in town.

OK now back to the story.  I’m going to have to give you guys the short version.  Ends up I’m cooking dinner and putting it on plates to go into the fridge for everyone when they get home (they get home at different times).  Henry is hanging around and using my laptop to send some emails and then he asks me what I’m doing for C in the Alphabet.

I had been having some troubles but you guys had given me some ideas and ‘Constraint’ was one that definitely appealed to me.

Henry said he was having some trouble as well – cock sucking was just to obvious.  Then I thought of maybe Christmas Dinner. 

“How would that work” asked Henry.

“I eat my Christmas Dinner off you mate” was my reply.

I wasn’t quite sure how Henry would take this – the most sexual I had gotten with him was our Bukkake session and neither Will nor I had actually touched him or vice-versa.

Henry’s eyebrows raised and his mouth kind of tightened and he said – “That would work.  And it would surprise the hell out of Sam aye.”  Henry isn’t even Canadian (he is from Spokane in Washington State) but like the rest of us we are adding Aye to the end of most sentences.

I think that was a formal offer don’t you guys?

Since I had everything out on the table I told Henry to lie on the kitchen bench – from there I servered up my Christmas Dinner (turkey, ham, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and a couple of carrots) on Henry.  He was naked (sorry I’m skipping some things I’m running out of time here guys).  Then once all the food was on his very very smooth stomach I poured the warm gravy over my dinner.

When I started pouring gravy Henry wasn’t hard at all – but by the time I got through my dinner – I didn’t use a knife or fork – he was rock hard.  I made sure to lick up all the gravy which has spilled over onto the kitchen bench.

Getting the last bit of gravy was what ensured Henry has a rock solid erection.

I then proceeded to suck this straight acting American guy off.

My biggest surprise of the night (which until that time had been Henry’s willingness to all of this) was when he told me that he wanted to have his Christmas Dinner off me.

So I stripped down (I was wearing speedos under my cargos) and I got to enjoy exactly what Henry had just enjoyed.

By far the best Xmas dinner I have ever had!!!!!!


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Ash in Oz

Fuckin’ HOT. next year, that’s how I want my xmas dinner. I think I’ll have to have two servings though.



That is the HOTTEST sexual experience I have ever read from you! And the funny thing is its
actually one of my fantasies! I’ve always fantasised about a hot guy staining my speedos
with butter, gravy and sauce. Makes you feel like the guy really enjoys every aspect of
your physique. Certainly, “C” is also for CONSUME.
It would have been a tasty meal, and remember CUM is good for you as it is PURE PROTIEN!

So Dave, for the letter “D” I suggest “DRINK”. Why not prepare the following:

1. 3 cups of milk
2. 2 chopped banannas, (high protien source)
3 2 tablespoons of plain protein powder

and 4. Have Henry, Will and yourself cum in the mixture!

With a blender, beat the mixture. You then have a very tasty, high protien drink that is not
only good for you, but will make the sexual experience more intense and bond your friendships!

Glad I could help out with “C” for CONSTRAIN and will send more ideas soon!



Cool idea! Maybe D is for Dildo or Double Play! Or deep something…

George Mac

that has to be the hottest letter so far
the pics ofthe look alike henry was also really hot
you are so lucky
a while back you wrote about micheal the english backpacker
you never finished it
and it was really hot
might you be psoting the ending soon?
i really hope so
it soudned liek a hot story


Fantastic story mate, during quite a long wank session I came pretty fucking fast reading this, the image of you licking food of a straight guy’s washboard.. fucking hot! Would love to know what Henry thinks about what this all means for him, always been a fantasy to do something kinky with a straight guy 🙂

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