Can you do this?

I had a huge day yesterday with Brad and he has just left in the last hour or so – I’m getting together some pics of him which I’ll post tomorrow and tell you all about it – it was hot and steamy I can tell you that – AND I did end up getting Will involved – hehehe.

I’d love to hear from anyone who can do this…..

Guy wearing blue speedos on the beach.

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Big Jay

Dave I can do this and so much more, when you are a gymnast your body can work in mysterious ways!!
It is great fun!! Cant wait to hear about your night with the guys.


wow dave, well done in hooking up with both brad AND will. sounds like will is adjusting fairly well to guy on guy action. sounds hot. can’t wait to see pics. don’t think i’ve ever tried to arch my back like in that pic. looks painful, but the guy’s body in the pic is still hot!


hey Dave…look forward to hearing about this 3some – sounds hot and yeah i can do the same as the guy in the pic…not hard really but he looks great doing it in speedos….:-)


Hi Dave,

sounds you had a very hot time .
Dave i dont think i counld do that but wounld love to see you do that
with will.

see you speedo man


i can do that, sure.

look! i’m doing it now!

course, im not wearing a speedo. rather, my spiderman undies.


i can

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