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New Layout (which is the old layout)

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You know guys, that new layout just wasn’t tickling my fancy.

The members area is working fantastic but there were some buggy things with it, I’ve never liked black background designs, I spent maybe 6 hours trying to get the comments to work and couldn’t, it wasn’t as nice in different browsers.

So I’m going back to my old design. There will be a few changes in the next 48 hours.

Members can still login and this part of the site will continue to grow (the screen shot below is from today’s new movie for blog members).

Stay tuned for more updates guys.

Old School Hardcore Speedo Movie

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October 7th, 2015

Public Speedo Boners

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Today’s movie is for members only guys, it is only $5 if you like to see…..

When I was talking about hanging out at Birdie Beach with Alex and the English guys I mentioned that when wearing a speedo in public I am very susceptible to a spontaneous erection.

Getting in and out of the pool I can’t really loiter around too long.  First off, I love the feeling of freedom wearing a speedo but also I wonder if it has something to do with all the naughty things I’ve done in speedos over the years – hehehe.

Seeing this speedo photo today I thought it was appropriate – anyone else suffer (or enjoy) a spontaneous speedo erection on occasion?

Public Boner

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September 23rd, 2015

Indoor Pool Twinks – Scene 4

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If you were a member you could be doing this….

Solo Cum Shot

While watching this movie……

Locker Room Blowjob

It is a whole $5 and you’d be helping me create more and more movies and pics of guys doing naughty things in speedos.  Click here to join.

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September 22nd, 2015

Indoor Pool Twinks – Scene 3

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Alex spent last night here and he gave my arse a good pounding.  I think he is still a little bit sore from last week when the two English guys and I abused his arsehole.

It is amazing that it was just over 12 months ago that Alex had never been with a guy at all and now he is taking three dicks in the arse, hahaha.

Both of us were wearing black speedos, he was wearing AussieBums, I was wearing Arena and I thought these two photos were appropriate.

Black Tyr SwimwearTyr Speedo

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September 21st, 2015

Indoor Pool Twinks – Scene 2

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Sorry guys, this is part of the members area right now.

Couple of important links:

Becoming a Member is only $5 a month – pretty amazing I know!!!


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September 20th, 2015
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