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U is for Underwear Party

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Last Thursday night the house had an Underwear Party – mainly to knock off U in the Alphabet Game.

There was the 6 house members (Amy, Julie, Samantha, Ian (aka Henry – Ian when I’m hammered), Will and myself),  a couple that Ian and Sam know from Washington State and a girl who works with Julie,  her name is Tamatha and I was given the heads up that she likes Will.

Calvin Klein Mens BriefRules of the party were that once you walked in the door it was underwear only.  I wore my new white Calvin Klein briefs with the red waist band and Will surprised the hell out of me when he got changed into a black Aussiebum Jockstrap!!!  He told me it was an end of season surprise for me (now what could that mean???).  Henry wore a white jockstrap which I was impressed with – particularly considering the couple that we had never met were friends of his.

The english girls (Amy and Julie) were both wearing matching bra and g-string sets – and they promised that once the newbies to the house were comfortable they would be loosing their bras.  Sam was probably dressed the most conservatively in a pair of very cute square cut boyleg panties and bra.

And the newbies – well Tamatha was the first to arrive – she was wearing something very similar to Sam.  I had seen Tamatha around town and knew her enuf to say hello but with us all not wearing much I’m sure we’ll have more to talk about tomorow than just the weather.  Matt and Kerri (Henry’s buddies from his home state) were the last to arrive.  Henry must have told them something about what we get up to in the house and Kerri was wearing a g-string with a bra and Matt was wearing a jockstrap as well.

AussieBum Jockstrap

I had been worried that I would be the only one wearing a brief and that the other guys would be wearing boxers and now I’m the most dressed out of all of the guys.  Wow Will looked amazing in his jockstrap!!!  He still has a speedo tan,  although it is fading it is more defined than mine is,  and he does have one very cute butt.

There was a snowboarding movie on the in background and the 9 of us were just standing around drinking.  Everyone was in a pretty cruisy mood and it was far more comfortable than I had ever expect – I’ve never been to an underwear party before.

After about an hour or so…. Julie came out of her bedroom with Twister (you know the game)…..

April 1st, 2007

M is for Maple Syrup (and N is for Nude hottub)

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Man I’ve been busy the last couple of days – the weekend was nuts and this week is shaping up to be the same.  A lot of the Aussie’s that come over are heading back to uni and leaving which means lots of bit leaving parties.

I’d like to thank everyone for their suggestions on the letter M.  I can’t believe that all the easy ones (masturbation) didn’t even cum to mind.

I loved the idea of using Maple Syrup and being in Canada it is kind of appropriate.  There is always maple syrup in the house – the english girls love pancakes and cook them up once a week or more.

Hey guys – I’ve just had some people arrive – big night planned because someone is leaving town tomorrow.  I promise I’ll finish this tomorrow.

March 12th, 2007

L is for Lunch Time Sex

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Now that I’m back the season here has only 4 or 5 weeks to go and I’m determined to complete the Alphabet Game before the household breaks up and heads off to where ever everyone is going.

So today was Will’s day off – we got up early and went riding.  Coming home for lunch I told Will that L is for Lunch Time Sex.

With that we both jumped into the hottub (which kind of looks over a ski run but the ski run can’t see you unless you are standing on the railing).  I was sure to take up some lube and condoms.  Will was telling me about what the house got up to while I was away and we were both getting horny in our speedos (it is pretty quiet so we weren’t afraid of anyone interrupting us – and we have figured out how to lock the door from the outside).

I reached over and checked Will’s speedos to verify that he was just as horny as I was and I told him to fuck me.  I pulled the bum of my speedos down and bend over with my butt just above the water line.

Lunch sex

Will lubed me and his condom covered cock up and very very slowly entered me.  I was looking out over the ski run at all the people (who couldn’t see Will or my speedos pulled down).  Will didn’t last long and after his final thust he pulled out of me and I fed him my own cock.  Perhaps Will isn’t as good at sucking as Antonio is BUT the best blowjob is always your next one – hehehehe.

We cleaned up and went down for some lunch and hit the slopes for another couple of hrs that afternoon.  Now I’m thinking about M. 


March 7th, 2007

Sex toys for Will

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I just got back from town after dropping off my buddies to the airport and I had a successful mission at the adult store.


Hand Cuffs


Anal BeadsI was a bit nervous considering what I was intending on purchasing but the girl who was in the store was really nice and didn’t make me feel like the pervert that I thought I was.

Cock ringMy idea for this shop was to knock off the letter K in the alphabet game with KINKY.  And my long term goal is to fuck Will arse which he is warming to but I’m going to have to take it slowly.

I needed handcuffs – I bought 2 pairs one for his hands and one pair for his wrists.

I saw a really kewl cock ring which was made of the same kind of leather and since I’m keen to tease the hell out of Will tonight I pick that up as well.

Now keeping on the idea of kinky gay sex I bought a ball gag – I’ve never tried one of these before and I’m quite excited about it to say the least.

And finally I bought some anal beads – I LOVE ANAL BEADS myself and if Will isn’t keen on them I’m sure I’ll get some use out of them.  Ow and I also topped up my condom supply with some ribbed (I love ribbed) condoms.

And that is it guys – I am ROCK HARD HORNY right now but I’ve got another 9hrs before Will gets home from work…. I just hope I can last.

Ball gag
February 15th, 2007

J is for Julie

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I have been posting a fair few speedo photos the last couple of days and it is reflecting just how horny I have been.  I’ve been wearing my black ‘speedo’ brand speedos a lot in the hot tub and around the house.

Will, Samantha and I knocked off the letter J in the Alphabet Game by having a foursome with Julie 2 nights ago in the hot tub.  It wasn’t that bit a deal and Julie and I kind of paired off as Will and Samantha paired off.  Always hot having sex with 2 other people within arms reach I suppose.  Henry and Amy are the only ones with J not ticket off yet and they are keen to fuck Julie as well – can’t blame them.

I’m looking forward to K which I’m thinking of KINKY – I might have Will tied up and Henry and I can tease him for a couple of hrs.  Sounds like fun.

The rest of the house has knocked off I (remember Amy and I knocked off I by having sex with my str8 mate Ian in a sauna).  Samantha took Henry’s and Will’s cock in her arse (which was a first for Samantha) which they claimed took the letter I for Illegal Sex because it is still illegal in some states of America (I think it is stretching it a bit but that is OK with me having another fan of anal sex in the house).  Julie knocked off I with ‘Intern’ – she gave a blowjob to one of the lift company interns (I haven’t met the guy but I’ve seen him around and he is pretty hot) in the bathroom of the only pub in town.

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February 8th, 2007
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