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Last time I was in the USA

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Last time I was in the US was back in June for a Bachelor Party on Lake Powell with Kip.  It was awesome of course.

I wore speedos the entire time which I don’t even get to do back in Aussie.

And, Kip and I got to enjoy the company of ‘Jason’.

Here is a screen shot of part of the members area on  It has my writing of what Kip, Jason and I got up to as well as a gallery of photos that Jason sent to me after the trip…..

Jason - American Speedo Man

Maybe your new years resolution should be to join my site – I’d love it if you did.

January 2nd, 2017

Speedo Photo of the Day

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Today is the 1,100th Speedo Photo of the Day!!!

As usual for these kind of milestones, I have picked a particularly hot photo for you guys.

The Speedo Photo of the Day is part of my site that I had wanted to create for years and I love it.  Every single picture, all 1,100 of them have been chosen by me.

I’m not going to post today’s Speedo Photo of the Day here, you’re going to have to drop over to and check it out.

Don’t worry, just like this blog, there are no pop-ups or that kind of bullshit.  I hate that stuff and I use when I want to watch speedo porn.

Here is the direct link to today’s photo, check out the 2 sample lifeguard movies on the homepage –

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October 10th, 2016

1,000th Speedo Photo of the Day

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Super quick post as I’m on the road and nuts busy….

Today is the 1,000th Speedo Photo of the Day over on my site

Every single one of the 1,000 speedo photos thus far have been hand picked by me and I chose this pic because I have been having particular fun in my red speedos over the last couple of months.

I think we’d all have some fun with this guy in those red speedos as well.

The Speedo Photos of the Day is a free part of so if you haven’t seen it in a while…. check it out.

Speedo Photo of the Day

March 31st, 2016

Speedo Photo of the Day

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The ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ is part of my site  When I did the last redesign of the site it was something I was really excited about and this coming week will see the 1,000th Speedo Photo of the Day which is pretty cool.

Today’s Speedo Photo of the Day is pretty awesome, those AussieBum’s are the very first AussieBum speedos that I ever bought.

AussieBum Cock

And just for you guys, this is tomorrows ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘.  What a tastey speedo butt that is?

Speedo Butt

If you haven’t been over and seen the ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ swing on by. is my baby and as such there are no popups or crap like that –

March 20th, 2016

What is

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I’m sure you have seen the banners around this blog as well as heard me talk about, so what is was the first ever site I created, originally it was but I was sued by the Evil Speedo Corporation (it made the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald and the London Times which turned out to be awesome for business).  I started when I was a teenager back in March 2001!!!!  Holy cow time flies.

The started as just my collection of speedo photos.  I had some naughty photos of myself which I wanted to share ‘privately’ and having the site seemed like a good idea.

Pretty quickly it turned in 6,500 full sorted photos

These photos still makes up the backbone of the photo archives – and yes, those photos of me are still in there but you’ll have to dig to find them.

Things were moving pretty quick with the internet and movies were slowly becoming affordable so I started gathering a movies archive.  At this stage the site was still 100% free.  After making the movies archive public I got a server bill for $800 which still being in high school I couldn’t afford and not really the thing I could ask my parents for, just imagine that conversation:

Mum, Dad, can I have $800 to pay for all the speedo movies
random people have watched on my speedo fetish website?

That is when I had to figure out how to pay for the downloads.  It took me a while but I managed to keep the site online and figure out a model where it kind of broke even.

From there, things just kept getting bigger, and bigger and bigger.

Now the site has the following stats:

  • 135 gigabytes of movies
  • 9,800 photos (probably 50 of those are of me)
  • 553 active members (as of just now)

Most importantly, I’m still really proud of  Last night Kip and I got home after partying and we were both pretty horny but a little sore from the pounding we’ve been giving each other so I plugged my laptop into Kip’s 60″ TV, loaded up and watched that movie of two guys in AussieBums fucking poolside.

It is my personal speedo movie collection, it just
happens that I get to share it with other people.

A couple of other things I love about the site are:

  • I’ve never had a pop-up ad on it
  • The download speeds are awesome so the movies looked fantastic on the big screen TV.
  • Now members have free access to the blog members area.

As you can tell, I’m pretty happy with, I can’t imagine the hours I’ve put into it over the years but I love it and the feedback I get from members seems to be pretty awesome as well.

Please, head over and check it out.

If you’d like to join, know that your membership mostly goes to keeping it up to date and running awesome and not to my Rolls Royce collection.

You know the address –

Here are some screen shots from the members area, looks just like the public area which I wanted to keep.

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January 23rd, 2016
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