Christian Geisselmann

Another busy day here in Colorado, I didn’t get out for a snowboard today but I did go for a bit of a hike to get out of the house and away from the laptop.

I was looking for something interesting to post today and I just got a message from one of the members over on asking if I had any idea who makes these speedos.  The forum has been something that I’ve been working on this week with some, but not total success.

The number one things, actually number 2 thing, I have some paperwork to get done first, is some HD versions of Hawaii Speedo Students movies.  I’ll be sure to let you guys know when I get them online, I still watch these movies at least once a week they are so hot.  Speedo Student and the other actors are wearing predominently AussieBum speedos and they actually keep them on for a while.

Anyway, time for some instant gratification, anyone know who makes these speedos?  The models name is Christian Geisselmann – I have no idea who he is or what makes him important, feel free to leave a comment if you do though.

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Hey mate,

First, thanks for the post here.
Too bad no one seems to know, who makes these speedos!

Seems my user account at the speedo forum is dead.
Please, if you can revive it – that will be nice.


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