A clubbie is a member of a Surf Life Saving Club here in Australia – the life guards.

I was a junior lifeguard growing up, called nippers, and I’ve been thinking that this summer I might join one of the surf clubs here.  Lots of guys in speedos might be part of my motivation but I’m sure it will expand my social circles as well.

The photos below are of a str8 mate of mine, Jason, who is a member of the local surf life saving club and wanted some photos of him fooling around on a paddle board.  Gotta love seeing straight boys in speedos right!!!


Jason the Speedo Lifeguard


Amateur Speedo Lifeguard


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Let me know what you are thinking.....


You should definitely find a life saving club to join.

Dr. Phil

I agree with DeepKisser, Dave…

If lifeguards dressed like that routinely around here, I’d consider drowning myself! 😉


Mmmmmm, Jason fills those speedos perfectly!

Really nice action shots of a kind of guy a lot of us in Australia take for granted!

Sure admire the work of volunteer surf life savers! They do an awesome job and keep our many beaches safe!

As for Jason, well . . . that black speedo is something extra special! And he fills it extra special too!



Will you be able to contribute the time a club might expect? If so it will expand your circle of contacts with people comfortable wearing speedos. If you can’t commit to the time, they might not want you to join.

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