Cute Speedo Beach Boys

The nice warm weather that I’ve been enjoying here in Colorado has definitely changed.  This morning we had maybe a foot of snow on the ground and it has been snowing on and off all day.

Kip and I ended up at Copper Ski resort this morning – he had some free passes that he need to use up and we tore it up – we were there early at 8:30am expecting a 9am lift opening but the mountain opened super early.  It was a nice thing for them to do on the last day of the season.

We got home about 2pm absolutely exhausted.  Kip went for a nap and I’ve just been working – as soon as he gets up we’ll hit the hottub.

Just thinking about the hottub I now realise how cold I am (still in snowboarding pants) – anyone enjoying some warm weather?

Also – my sites (movies) and (free forum) were offline for 24 to 36hrs – I didn’t receive my domain name renewal notice so I missed it.  All back online and working now though.

What colour speedo do you want tomorrow to be?  This is a nice selection for you….

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Dr. Phil said,  

Well, you’ve done blue, green, white, red, and…?

How about “striped”? I love the first guy pictured here–not crazy about his face, to be honest, but from the neck down he’s totally hot, and fills that suit nicely. Mmm!

Hungspeedoguy said,  

Where is it possible to get the blue/white striped Spank suit? I’ve fucked a guy wearing one but he wouldn’t let me have it. He was part of a surf club so maybe it is a surf clubs colours?

Aiko said,  

Eh eh you should come to Turkey. We were skiing two weeks ago but now weather changed and it’s 26°C!

I vote for black.

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil & Aiko – both great ideas but Dr. Phil got in there first. Striped it will be BUT next Monday I’ll do black just for your Aiko.


Dave Evans said,  


I’ve owned a bunch of plain black ‘Spank’ speedos which I’ve used a lot at the pool – they are cheap but still last pretty well for the hammering I have given them.

I’ve never seen a striped pair though. Maybe post a question over on the forum – those guys over there are pretty good.


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