Cycling in a Speedo

Has anyone here riden a bike only wearing a speedo?

I’ve never done any triathlon stuff which would probably be the only excuse for me to be riding a bike only in a speedo.

Just a quick post today since I am so freaking busy.  It has been windy here in Breckenridge as well so no rush to get out on the slopes, AND there is no freaking snow, not now and not in any of the forecasts that we read.

I’ll finish my threesome story tomorrow hopefully.

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I like the top picture the best. It makes it look like it’s no big deal wearing a speedo on a bike in public. Too bad it can’t be like that everywhere!


Yup. A black aussiebum pair were my racing pair for sprint triathlons under an hour when I was in the UK 🙂
Work great provided the bike ride isn’t too long!

Did the same for the aquathlon series (Just swimming/running, no bike leg).


Hi Dave

My first contribution.

If the weather is wet I always cycle to work in speedos and a top. Always makes me horny. Love the site. Cheers from Jersey in the ChannelIslands


Hi Dave

Glad to be a first from the Channel Islands. We are of course a first as New Jersey was named after us.

Our beaches are great and I am out there all summer in my Aussiebums trying to convert the board shorts brigade.

Our west coast beach is a brill surf beach.

Love to see yoiu here.


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