Daniel Craig’s Speedo

Weekend of shagging the Texan Brunette is over and I think it is time for me to offer up my arse to Kip.  We were a little loud and he is all kewl with it but it was a little cruel so I’m going to let him go to town on my arse once I finish this post.

I have mentioned before that the Texan Brunette loves my speedos, she is also a fan of Daniel Craig.  I like him but I think he is a pretty pussy James Bond.  I prefer the tall, dark and handsome James Bond who has a dry sense of humour and some whit.  Daniel Craig is short, going bald and he shaves his chest – very un-Bond like in my mind.

Back to the intention of this post, I was thinking of buying the square cut speedo that Daniel Craig wears in Casino Royale – the blue one.  Anyone know who makes it?  It is in the first picture here, and I’ve added a few more of Daniel Craig in a black speedo square cut.

Daniel Craig SpeedoCasino Royale Blue SwimsuitJames Bond Speedo

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Maybe I’m a purist, but if it has anything much more than the 3″ sides of the classic, athletic-cut Speedo, I don’t consider it a “Speedo” anymore. Nothing about that suit or that guy turns me on. A step in the wrong direction…


I believe they were made by Grigioperla, but I doubt they still make them, given how long ago that film was made…Good luck, Dave, and if you get them, post a pic!


Interesting spin on James Bon as I think he is the best of all of the Bonds – may not be the pretty boy but in my ‘umble opinion he does a great job. Just another opinion.


I agree with Randy–the suit featured in the photos above is a square cut swim suit, not a “Speedo”, even in the most generic sense.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Daniel Craig in a REAL Speedo?? 🙂


I believe they’re made by La Perla 🙂


I’m sure Aussiebum make them


Check out SpeedoFetish.com