Dave shoots, and scores!!!!

Just a quick post guys.

The speedo party went great, the girl that Kip and I double teamed last weekend came up and she brought a friend.  The friend was a cutie and she ended up in my bed.  It was super late – like 7am late and I couldn’t get a hardon but she got an Aussie kiss (just like a French kiss only down under).

I need to have a couple of drinks, finish watching the Broncos kick arse and I’m going to bed.  Will post more details tomorrow.

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beerdoc_colorado said,  

watching broncos, now…thinks its funny that kip got you hooked on broncos. like to hear you yell “go broncos” in aussie talk..so now you have eaten ‘rocky mtn. oysters’ and ‘bearded clams’… happy new year 2013!!

Dave Evans said,  

Hahaha – BeerDoc, I haven’t eaten the Rocky Mountain Oysters yet.

craig said,  

Hey Dave,

Hopefully you can help me out, There was a photo of 6 guys in speedos, they looked as if they were waterpolo players. 3 of them were standing and the other 3 on their shoulders, not sitting put sort of laying accross, just wondering if you have anymore pics of them? that would be great !!

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