December to Get Laid

Is there a month where you tend to get laid more?  I suppose that is a little broad, what I’m meaning to ask is what time of year do your relationships generally begin?

For me, definitely December.  It might be because I have arrived in the northern hemisphere in early December a couple of times.  My longest female relationship started on a New Years Eve and there is lots of partying in December, probably more than any other month.  I’ve seemed to have gotten new roommates in Decembers past as well.

I suppose my 2nd most fun month has been May/June which is the changing of seasons in the other hemisphere.

Fingers crossed for this December.  And no doubt, now that I’ve decided to head back to Australia I’ll fall madly in love.

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Dave all the months are good, just get laid as often as I can. I like the fifth pic, I just to sit on that long hard cock and get fucked and filled with cum.



Everyone is so busy in December. Surprisingly, I find April, May & June to be the best when a mans thoughts turn to sex. Out of the cold dark winter, ready for something new.


December is nice. Usually someone might drop by while shopping to have some fun. Last Monday had a friend stop for a quickie. And of course my steam room is always open to anyone who needs to warm up when it is really cold.

Dr. Phil

I’ve had more than one relationship (with women) kick off on October 31st, so November has tended to be a good month for me. My longest relationship with a guy started in late December; and, come to think of it, another one likely started in the late fall, i.e. November, as well, and a hook-up that I had a few years ago likewise happened in Nov.

So, it looks like I’ve missed my month again for this year! Damn.

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