E is for Enema

I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of days guys – I’ve had a friend of mine from home (Australia) crashing on the couch so there have been some big drinking nights followed up by some early starts on the slopes.  This friend is kinda hot but I just can’t read him at all so I haven’t proposed anything ‘naughty’ to him… yet.

He leaves tomorrow and I don’t expect anything ‘naughty’ to happen with him.

On a brighter note I thought I should give you an update on how the Alphabet Game is going in the house.  Last time I posted about this everyone had just knocked off D – E proved a little tougher and it was only after I watched Jackass 2 that I came up with Enema.  By the way Jackass 2 has a few speedo scenes!!!

In the movie one of the more crazier dudes is wearing a blue speedo and gives himself a beer enema with a beer bong.

When I was first experimenting with anal play I admit to giving myself a few enemas but I haven’t done anything like that for at least 5 years.  I remember the feeling of my bowels filling with warm soapy water and wishing that it was my fantasy guy of the days cum filling my arse.  This was a little out there and after the movie – Will,  Amy,  Julie and myself watched it I brought up the subjet.  Julie and Will seemed a bit weirded out by it but Amy sounded interested.  From there Will and Julie went into the girls room and Amy and I started to prepare out own Enemas.

We found a hot water bottle in the cupboard (I remember using a hot water bottle back when I was 18yo) and we used the pipe out of our own beer bong.  The idea of going through this with another person was really turning me on and Amy and I had a shower – I fingered her to orgasm and she sucked my cock in the shower.

Now we were both all clean and I was still as horny as ever.  Amy was keen to go first and kneeling in the bath I hooked it all up and put maybe half a ltr of water in her arse.  And she loved it!!!  After discharging (that is the nicest word I can think of for what happens after an enema) Amy returned the favour for me.

When I was done Amy wanted another go – after she was finished she was telling me how good it felt and how she was aching to be fucked in the arse.

I ran out to the girls room and borrowed a condom – Will and Amy had finished what they were doing and were giving me a hard time.  I came back as quickly as I could and Amy bent over the bathroom sink and I fucked her HARD!!!  I was really surprised at how easily I entered her.  If only it was Will that I was fucking in the arse.

That was 2 nights ago – since then Amy talked Julie into having an enema which she enjoyed.  Will has been getting pressure from all three of us to try it which is great because I think it will help him warm to the idea of anal sex.

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dave you r a very sexy and handosme guy. even in a speedo as is all the guys you have on board. Mostly all your guys in speedo.com are great knock-outs. I never thought you were in to the enema scene. Here I read this article and sure enough you and a few of your friends were into them. More power to you. I myself us enemas frequently for cleansing purposes. sometimes while taking the enema (s) it turns me on. I suppose it does the same for you and your friends. What a feeling you get when expelling the enema and start all over again. What a Turn-on. I have been into enemas now for a few years. I take one when I feel I need to be cleaned out. Not too often though. I don’t want to loose the necessary nutrients in my bowels and anas area. I don’t use soap because it has a tendency to dry out the inside of the rectum and bowel area. I only use plain warm water, which I find very beneficial. I’m afraid of doing more harm to my lower extremities, than good. Go easy on the soap. Castile soap is suppose to be the best, so I am told. Enjoy! the enema scene and get some of your speedo guys into it. You’ll have more fun and a great choice of your speedo friends. Thanks Dave and Good Luck with the enema scene. Enjoy!!!!!

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