Elephant Homosexual Behaviour

Last night I was on MSN chatting to an old online buddy and he sent me through a Wikipedia link….  This is talking about elephants.

African elephants, as well as Asiatic males will engage in same-sex bonding and mounting. Such encounters are often associated with affectionate interactions, such as kissing, trunk intertwining, and placing trunks in each other’s mouths. The encounters are analogous to heterosexual bouts, one male often extending his trunk along the other’s back and pushing forward with his tusks to signify his intention to mount. Unlike heterosexual relations, which are always of a fleeting nature, those between males result in a “companionship”, consisting of an older individual and one or two younger, attendant males. Same-sex relations are common and frequent in both sexes, with Asiatic elephants in captivity devoting roughly 45% of sexual encounters to same-sex activity.

I met one guy who was a bit of an elephant, I couldn’t take him in my arse – although I think these days I’m a little more experienced and I’d love to give it a shot.  I’m sure there would be some footage of this somewhere on the net.

I’m off hiking for the weekend – it is raining but hopefully it will stop.  Over the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to really get out there and see some of the more remote spots in the south island here – I’ve borrowed a friends camera so I’ll be trying to post more scenery pics for you guys.

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Dr. Phil

Homoerotic behavior is fairly common in all of the higher mammals of whose sexual habits we know anything about. Male killer whales, for example, also do it quite a bit (at least the ones in the Pacific Northwest, where I’m from!). There’s a great book on all of this called Biological Exuberance by Bruce Bagemihl–it’s huge and chock full of such things, and that’s just with birds, fish and mammals!

Well, I could certainly use some elephants and killer whales around here…!


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