Ever convinced a friend to speedo?

Have you ever convinced someone to wear a speedo?

Saturday afternoon here and I’ve got some friends skiing in Vail dropping by and one of the guys asked if he could borrow some swimming attire for a hottub.  Then he messaged, not a speedo thanks.  Hahahaha.  That was exactly what I had in mind too.

Over the years I’ve been able to late night hottub and enforce a ‘speedo only’ policy which has been fun and after a few minutes everyone was just as comfortable as if they were wearing whatever they would normally wear.

Kip’s sister had a boyfriend a little while back and he very very reluctantly speedo’d it up because we had a ‘speedo party’.  Kip’s sister was the one doing the convincing though.

Would love to hear if you guys have any stories of getting guys to speedo it up.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I don’t get the reluctance. If you’re in a hot tub, your ass and bulge will only be seen for a moment when you’re above the water. Would he rather just have been naked?


I have been asked to put on my speedo, which I did. I have not had the chance to ask someone else (Yet.)

Dr. Phil

I’ve managed to do it, once, but in an entirely platonic setting. A friend and I went to the pool in Ireland when I lived there, and he hadn’t been to a pool in ages. He bought some boring board shorts, and a speedo-type suit, and said he’d pick when we got there. When we got there, though, I told him, “Nope, I’m wearing speedos, and so thus so shall you!” And he did.

And, that was about it. It was fun, but it would have been nice if it were someone who wasn’t “just” a friend, and who would have been considerably hotter. (My friend is great, but he’s not in the “hot” category remotely, alas.)


There is a pool in London which has adults only swimming late nights every thursday. Most of the guys are in speedos, especially the ones who do serious training. There is quite a small shower area in the mens’ changing room and at closing time we have to double up, even the straight guys get erections in the showers!

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