Everything is coming up Milhouse

Yes yes yes everyone – very happy day for Dave today. Spent 30 mins on the fone this morning and my new ADSL connection is now working – ow yeah!!!!

Then – all the tests that I setup last night on the site look perfect so the site is now back and running 100%. Finally things are starting to run smoothly. I’ve spent the afternoon doing some updates and uploading some fucking hot movies.

Tonnes of movies and pics with guys wearing blue speedos – dunno why but good with me so to keep in the spirit (and since it is the first time I’ve had the house to myself – all the roomies at work) I’ve been wearing my blue ‘speedo’ speedos all afternoon. Had to put a pair of jeans on about an hour ago but you gotta love it.

Here is one of my favourite pics that I’ve been sorting today – tell me that isn’t hot.

Just another pics added to the site

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