Final ‘Speedo Only’ Party of 2012

Kip and I have the house back to ourselves and the house is back to ‘speedo only’ status – hahaha.

Another day of super cold weather but the forecast is for the sun to come out so I’ll try and get my camera out and take some pics for you guys, with the recently snow town looks really pretty.

Being back in ‘speedo only’ mode Kip decided that we need to hold our last Speedo Party of the year tomorrow night.  Well it really started when we heard from the Denver Boys (a gay couple from Denver that we know) who are keen to come up to the mountains for the weekend.  Kip’s sister has some friends in town (guys and girls) who are keen to come along as well so hopefully we’ll have about a dozen of us.  Rules are… speedos only.

I’m sure, as usual, things will get a little naughty later in the evening as they have done in the past.  If anyone here is up in Breck drop me an email.

Notice one guy out in the pic below?  12 guys, 11 in speedos, one in dork shorts.  At our party it is ‘speedos only’.  We had one earlier in the year and Kip’s sisters boyfriend didn’t want to wear a speedo, it was funny that she even told him that he’d have to leave if he didn’t ‘speedo-it-up’.  He finally played along, nothing like a bit of positive peer pressure.

Odd guy out in board shorts

4 Users Responded in " Final ‘Speedo Only’ Party of 2012 "

rickspeeder said,  

Hi Dave

The Guy fifth from the right looks gorgeous with great tighy tiny speedos. He sure get me going.

Have a great New Year.



Luis said,  

Whooow !!! very handsome boys.. all for me !!!


Luis said,  

Eight (8) since left…the most sexy swimwear


Luis said,  

Ugly the boy with a long red “bermuda” swimsuit


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