First favourite speedo photo.

Alex said that this was his MOST favourite photo (I added in the second one I got of this guy).

I posted this pic back on January 12th – this guy kinda looks like Will. Man this guy is hot… and so is Will.

Aussiebum Palm Beach Speedos

My gay roommate.

6 Users Responded in " First favourite speedo photo. "

ALex said,  

How cool i thought that there would have been heaps o guys puting down their favourites but i’m first go me. Thanks for this site i really love it.

Brenton said,  

This guy has modelled for some of the photographers that have galleries at

speedoboi said,  

🙂 Glad to see this pic back at the top!! Where it belongs!!:P

ausbob said,  

This guy is so good and it is the sort of pix that makes your site such a joy to visit. Thank you always and best wishes.

Big Jay said,  

It is a great pic I forgot about. It is not my most favorite but is a good one. Keep them cumming.

Anonymous said,  

i want his cock

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