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Does anyone else have a hangover from the US Election?  I know people who have hangovers from being gutted/disappointed, but I also know so people who have a hangover from celebrating and are optimistic.

This blog is about speedos and I’m sure everyone has had to deal with the social media barrage over the last couple of days so I’m going to keep me mouth shut on the topic (I don’t get to vote in the US election so my opinion has zero weighting as well).  And I hate it when celebrities or athletes come out and talk politics – I’m a celebrity right?

On to some awesome news – I received an email from the guys over at Mensuas ( – copy/paste that address) and they have a new line of underwear called ‘Daddy’.  It is mostly jockstraps and g-strings/thongs.  To promote ‘Daddy’ they have offered me 10 pairs, to the first 10 new monthly members.  Anything in the ‘Daddy’ line, it is all yours.

A free pair of Daddy underwear for the first 10 new monthly members on

Monthly membership is $29.95 – pair of Daddy including shipping – it is like a free pair of undies, or a free month of watching 100 hours of speedo porn.

Here is part of the selection or go here to check it all out –

Daddy Underwear

I’m going to pick out a pair – I really like the last ones and to my pleasant surprise, they are a jockstrap!!!  Right now, I don’t have a jockstrap in my speedo drawer.

Daddy UnderwearDaddy Jockstrap

But these also come in red – which do you think I should get?

Red Male Jockstrap

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Tiffani (xo)

To answer the question “which do you think I should get?” —- clear! 🙂

xoxo Tiff

Dr. Phil

I’d suggest black…haven’t tried that brand yet, but similar sorts of briefs or jocks in that “here’s my cock” style tend to just look better in black…with red, one begins to think clown noses and such, and I didn’t think you were into clown sex. 😉

Dr. Phil

Can’t wait to hear how you like it…and perhaps even see photos of you in it at some stage! :). They are a. lot of fun to wear, and probably more fun to wear if one has someone to wear it with, if only for a short while before it gets taken off…!

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