Fun (but messy) way to masturbate

Hey guys – I’m heading out for a run and then I’ve got some friends in town from Adelaide so they are taking me out for dinner – nothing naughty unfortunately.

Thought I’d put a quick post in – since Friday night I have been rather horny although my cock was rather sore on Saturday – hehehe.

I though I’d share with you one of my favourite ways of masturbating. Since I do have a shower most mornings it is OK, don’t try this if you get out of bed, put your suit on and head to the office – you’ll smell like cum all day. Well I lie on the bed but upside down to normal with my butt where the pillow normally is – then walk your legs up the wall. I find it takes a little longer to cum but then you cream all over your own chest.

Not something I do all the time but I did it this morning and thought I’d share it with you. I don’t have much hair on my chest but if you did then it might cause a mess picking it out of your chest hair for the rest of the day. Would love to hear if any of you guys try it.

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Well I have tried it once but i was being fucked so it doesnt count, my guy was standing against the wall and i was with my legs up on the wall very exciting. Great site btw tried to do one but i know nothing of sql and programming 🙁

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