Fun in the Sun

The last couple of weeks have been bitterly cold (like -30) but this week it has all changed.

So after being cooped up in the house (it was even uncomfortable snowboarding) Kip and I have spent the last 2 days enjoying the outdoors and the warm weather.

Both days we went snowboarding in the morning.  On Tuesday we went for a hike up towards Mohawk Lake and then today we ducked over to the old mining town of Leadville for lunch and to check out a frozen waterfall.

Not sure if it is a little wind burn but we both have some colour in our cheeks and we are exhausted.  I think it is time for a hottub and then off to bed early.

I wonder why it is that after a good day outside you feel content yet exhausted – definitely a feeling I get when hanging out on the beach.  Won’t be long now!!!

Don’t worry guys, this weekend I’ll be spending some time in the office to make up for the last 2 days of fun.

And here are some guys enjoying their fun in the sun.

AussieBumsBeach BoySpeedo life GuardRed AussieBumAussieBum ModelHot Guy in SpeedosNice Arse in White Speedos

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I really like the green suit and beach eye candy. Cold yes, (-10F) for about a week. but yesterday it was 68F. So just catch a warm day for skiing and blue skies.

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