Fun weekend

How was your weekend guys?

The Denver boys were up on Friday night which resulted in the usual speedo shenanigans…. As usual Kip and I didn’t sleep together but we didn’t sleep alone either – hahaha.  On Saturday the four of us went to Keystone for some beer festival and there were a bunch of people about.

Kip’s sister and some friends of hers staying at Kip’s place on Saturday night and we partied hard!!!  I felt OK on Sunday morning but it was a great crew and we tore up the dance floor.

One thing that was interesting though – Kip’s sister has a girlfriend (not romantic just a mate) who I’ve known for a while and she is cute.  We’ve hung out a few times and I thought that maybe something could happen in the right scenario.

Turns out she hates my guts!!!  I had no idea until Kip’s sister mentioned it quietly on Saturday night.  I’ve been nothing but a gentleman to this chick, she’s stayed at Kip house a bunch and I’ve taken her snowboarding a few times.  I’ve never made a move on her.  Kip’s sister said she doesn’t know why either but I’m not to be worried because Kip’s sister loves me.

Other than the evil speedo corporation I didn’t think I knew anyone who didn’t like me.

You guys like me right?Speedo Close UpSmooth Speedo

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