Do you guys like G-strings? I’ve owned a couple, maybe 3 at most during my life and I think maybe I should add some more to my speedo/underwear collection. I kinda like speedo because no matter where you are, I can drop my jeans and it isn’t too weird…. if I dropped my jeans and revealed a G-string, that might be a little weird. If I took a guy home and I saw that it would be awesome but if I’m at an alpine lake and decide to go for a dip it might be a little strange.

There are some girls in G-string photos over on my blog BisexualDave.com today.

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A said,  

I don’t know. I personally don’t think that ass floss is particularly enjoyable as a proposition, visually. Sure, you get a nice view of ass framed by underwear, but if you’re going to go to that length, just wear a jock and be done with. The benefit there, too, is that it can stay on and not get in the way if you’re going to bottom. Much more appealing than a G-string, to my way of thinking.

Dr. Phil said,  

I think there is some technical difference between a g-string and a thong, though I’m not entirely sure what it is (and it’s not that one is for boys and the other is for girls); but, I think most of the examples above would be thongs rather than g-strings. In any case…

I LOVE them, and wish that more people did, personally.

To put a counterpoint to A’s comment above: yes, jocks are also nice, but no undergarment says “fuck me in the ass” as strongly as a jock, in my opinion–which is ironic, because they were originally created for athletes who would ostensibly be “too manly” to ever be passive in anal sex. A thong, on the other hand, says “Hey, look at all this,” and yet doesn’t allow easy access for anal sex purposes. So, if there happened to be a couple who were a top and a bottom, and they were to dress properly for the occasion, the top would be the one wearing the thong, I think! 😉

There’s a game for you and Kip (or whomever else you might wish), Dave: “underwear grab bag.” Whoever chooses the thongs out of the hat fucks, and whoever chooses the jockstraps gets fucked. (Throw in some speedos and other such options, and you could make rules about giving or receiving oral, etc., as well!)

Dr. Phil said,  

Also, the last gentleman pictured above is pretty much perfection in my eyes. Please send him my way if you happen to see him, and tell him he’s dressed perfectly, too! 😉

Jerry said,  

I agree – this last boy is luscious. And I like wearing g-strings and thongs – the more revealing the better.

Sam Speedo said,  

Yah . . . have quite a few g-strings and love them.

They are comfortable . . . hardly”ass floss” as described above and come in all kinds of erotic and appealing fabrics.

Agree that it’s a bit more confronting if you drop your jeans to reveal a g-string, say, rather than a speedo.

In fact, I only drop my jeans when about to leap into bed with someone and they haven’t complained yet about my underwear! In fact, I think it adds some extra appeal to the session!

Darren said,  

I wear G-strings all the time , as a previous commenter said it does not get in the way and does add to the action when in bed with company.

Dave Evans said,  

Dr. Phil,

Great idea – the Denver boys might be up this long weekend and I might just try that.

I think you guys have convinced me that I need to go out and buy a g-banger.


Anonymous said,  

you take a dip in an “alpine lake”? isn’t that rather cold? it wouldn’t matter what you wore cause you would become an ‘innie’. Talk about freezing your balls off.

Luis Rosales said,  

I love the very handsome boy what wearing a hot black g-tring thong… I think what this
boy is the best profile for me how boyfriend. Also I like play paddle tenis (with him) and
with a similar suit on the beach…

The best picture in this webside !!!!!

Luis Rosales said,  

For me is not good think what a boy who wearing a hot g-string thong black, how the handsome boy wearing in the last very handsome picture, like anal sex or said “fuck me in the ass”.

This handosme boy when wearing his hot thong only think in a freedom gay life and go to te beach for obtain a very nice day without old and dangerous homophofic thinkings…

The boy in the picture, with his thong, have a modern side of thinking…remember what this is the 21° century please !!!

Mike said,  

I agree with Darren above. I am Darren’s fuck buddy and have been wearing G-strings since I hooked up with him 5 years ago. They are so comfortable and great to wear when in bed together. It is a great feeling after Darren has unloaded his 7 inches deep up my ass to feel his cum oozing out and running down my leg as a G-string does not ‘catch’ it.

luis rosales said,  

Wrong and incorrect is the position and thinking what said: “who wearing a thong, g string
back, like annal sex or is a passive gay”

For ejample: i am gay and i have a collection of thongs (Koalaswim, Dore Swimwear, Little
Blue boy, the most hot gay swimwears on the line), and for me when wearing this suits
on the beach never thinking in need annal sex, when i am going to the bed with an handsome
boy i am a fanatic of the oral sex…(practice him).

Please this world is not “black and white”…isnt important what kind of sex do you like when
wearing thong on the beach

Luis Rosales said,  

Hi friends gay thong addicts how I :

” KOALASWIM ” – California

(Gabriel) Dore Swimwear – Ft. Ld. Florida

” Little Blue Boy ” ZOO 14 store – Ft Ld Florida

” Narciso ” – Buenos Aires /underwear / swimwear

This are my favorite thongs (g-string, in spanish is “cola less” or “tanga hilo dental” ) i have almost 60 for wearing in a beach day…

Fred said,  

The tree guys in the third picture are wearing thongs. But their tanlines show, that they prefer those very fashionable trashbags, which are also called “boardies”.

The other pictures are probably also thongs, but you cannot really tell.

G-strings look like this;


Luis Rosales said,  

I underestand… in spañish, is almost the same “thong” & “g string”… in latin america
only gays wear this kind of underwear or swimwear suits

But in USA when you see a thong have a back more “moderate” but you have more or
less free the ass…but if you have a “g-string” is a micro suit what have free all the ass..

I have the two options in this suits.

If you see the 4 pictures all are “thongs” …

In “Koalasim” CA. USA you can obtain the two options suits…

I forget a very interesting option in México: “JOE SNYDER” store is in México City – dowtwon,
you have obtain very nice options include a amazing “RAINBOW” colours design in “g-string” or “thongs”.

Luis Rosales said,  

Sorry, who know a 3 option; ” V string ” i have V string thongs also (in Koalaswim).

1) Thong, back more or less moderate; with a sexy “triangle” in high of the ass
2) “g string” – ass free
3) “V string” – ass free

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