Gay Speedo Sex

I wasn’t sure what to call this post so I thought I’d get straight to the point – this post is about gay sex with will involving speedos.

Just to get you guys up to speed – I’ve finally gotten my net access sorted out and after 6 days straight of being hung over from partying I’m working on getting back into my routine – which means posting a lot more here.

Will and I are sharing a 1 bedroom condo (yes we are sleeping with each other every night – aren’t we the little gay couple).  The building is pretty awesome, ski-in/ski-out, 2 hottubs that both look out onto the mountain and are private and undercover parking.

I arrived at the resort on sunset and Will was at home – I was wearing a pair of new black lycra speedos (which I bought in Colorado with Kip) under my cargos.  I parked the car outside and knocked on the door.  Will answered it wearing a pair of red aussiebum speedos!!!  Nothing else.  Well lets just say that my cargos, shirt, shoes and socks weren’t on for very long.

Now naked except for my black speedo Will dragged me to the bedroom where we attacked each other.  I sucked Will off,  then Will sucked me off.  The sex was feverish and I was hoping it would never end.

By the time I had unloaded my cum into Will’s mouth he was hard again so I let him fuck my arse.  I’m as horny now writing this as I was at the time.  I really should go and have a wank but Will is due home from work in half an hour so I suppose I can hold off until then.  I’ll push on with this story.

When fucking me Will can be gentle, he enjoys rimming me as much as I enjoy him rimming me and there is always lube around.

But this time Will was rough and that is exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to cum again while Will was fucking me – when I cum my arse grips Will’s cock and he loves it.

It would have been awesome to be a fly on the wall – I’m on my knees with the bum of my speedo pulled down, my cock out the right leg of my speedo and me beating away with one arm against the head of the bed.  Will behind me with his cock out the right leg of his red aussiebum speedo, condom on, one hand holding my hip and the other on the small of my back.

Less than 5 minutes earlier I was knocking on the door fully dressed.

Before I finally fell asleep that first evening Will and I had cum at least 8 times (combined).  I think it is going to be a great winter!!!

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