Girls like speedos right?

This morning I am up early and I feel fantastic!!!

I’ve brought up the topic of girls who like speedos dozens of times.  Last night I had a vivid dream of being on a waterskiing boat with a bunch of people and all of the guys were in speedos.  It wasn’t one of those dreams with a ‘happy ending’ but it was pretty hot.

I can’t remember the last time I went waterskiing but I never have in speedos unfortunately.

Kip’s sister, who was around over the weekend, is a HUGE speedo fan and I’ve dated girls and slept with girls who have thought that me wearing speedos under my jeans is hot.  I’ve definitely had girls think that it is a little weird but none of them have been grossed out – they just thought it was strange.

What have been your experiences when girls find out that you like wearing speedos?

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


I can proudly say that I have worn speedos while waterskiing, sadly, they were under boardshorts or a wetsuit (always wear a speedo under a wetsuit, the thought of not, ouch!). Once dated a girl that thought I looked “nice” in my speedo, but she was so annoying, she got dumped……


I say, ditch the bitch. Speedos are for guys who can appreciate Speedos on guys, period!


Agree Dave, wearing speedos under all water sport activities because you just never know, when the boat turns, and you are dumped into the water, your boardies go flying off and you are left naked. Well, a speedo has saved me a few of times.

Tom B.

I am a 52 year old Bi guy who still wears a Speedo. I’ve been wearing one since 1980 when my girlfriend at the time said I should get one. My present girlfriend loves seeing me in my Speedo and when she’s happy, I’m very happy! I have always loved seeing other guys in a Speedo. I have to admit it’s a turn on for me to wear one and I really like the tan lines.


I’ve worn speedos most of my adult life. I feel great with one on. The tightest feels good. My wife likes me to ware the lighter colors because it shows better what a huge package I have. She says it makes her feel lucky when the other women make notice of me and what I have.

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