Girls who want two guys

Last night Kip and I watched the Oliver Stone movie ‘Savages’. I had never heard of it and we’d both had a big day working so it was nice to chill out.

Not having heard of the movie it turned out to be pretty good. Did it go straight to DVD?

Up here in Colorado there is lots of debate and discussion about local marijuana regulations that the town and counties are trying to figure out after Colorado voted to legalize recreational marijuana use. I personally don’t smoke weed but I don’t have any moral objection to its use….

This movie was really appropriate since it is about these two pot dealers in California somewhere. Usual good guy/bad guy story line but what was really interesting is that these two main male characters shared a girlfriend. There were a couple of PG sex scenes of the three of them fucking.

Why isn’t this more main stream? And why don’t we hear more about girls fantasizing about having two guys at once? We all hear about having two girls at once.

I think this is going to be a movie that I’ll show to any girls I start seeing and use it as a starting point for this discussion.

Helps that the chick in the movie was pretty hot!!!!

Oliver Stone's: Savages

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Nick Thiwerspoon

You should read ‘Sex at Dawn’, about how our species is omnisexual. Bisexuality is normal, programmed into us by evolution. The authors’ argument is too long to detail here, but it certainly changed my perspective on bisexuality, monogamy, sex, etc. I feel justified in putting bi characters (and sex!) into my stories!


Why didn’t you feel justified putting bi characters into your stories before this?

Dr. Phil

Haven’t seen the film, but it was out in cinemas and was not a straight-to-DVD release.

Now that you mention this aspect of it, I might have to check it out!

Check out