Guess where I am going tomorrow?

Well guys – you will never guess where I am going tomorrow….

I’m going to Mexico to Playa Maya (just south of Cancun in the Gulf of Mexico). I haven’t been here much the last couple of days and this trip was only proposed to me this morning. Will left town on Sunday and couldn’t travel onwards to Vacouver as I had imagined so I had nothing to loose.

The Mexico trip is leaving here tomorrow (Wednesday) and is for 5 days and there are 2 other couples (I know one couple Steve and Tiffany) from last year, they own a business up on the ski hill and have helped me out a bit and I helped them out a bit earlier in the season. I don’t know the other couple at all but Steve and Tiffany are great fun and drink lots so I should fit in OK.

We leave Wednesday, fly via Dallas into Cancun then rent a van for the 1hr or so drive south. These guys have rented a 3 bedroom house for the 5 days which has a pool and is 1 block from the beach (I will post fotos tomorrow from the website link I’ve been given).

There was supposed to be a 3rd couple coming on the trip but they pulled out at the last minute having to travel back to Eastern Canada.

Tiffany proposed the trip to me this morning and as she is a travel agent she had prepared a really good deal on the flights and the accommodation is super cheap and Tiffany promised that with 2 women in the house I could probably expect to be fed reasonably well.

So I am off to MEXICO tomorrow!!!! I have never been down that way at all (I did go to San Diego as a kid but no further south).

The house is supposed to have internet access so if any of you guys have been to Mexico in that area to let me know what the speedo scene is like. Steve and Tiff are pretty straight laced so nothing happening there and the other couple I’m told are on the ‘edge’ of getting engaged (sounds like Tiffany has some inside info that I don’t know about). So let me know where I can find some other speedo guys down there.

OK guys – next post from me will be from MEXICO!!!!

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