Guess where I’m going this weekend…

Miserable day in town today but I’ve had a good enuf day.

Sat in bed working from 9 this morning until now – with the occasional trip for more coffee/oj. Then I got a knock on the door (I had to rush to put on some pants – I was only wearing the black speedos that I wore to bed). Although maybe I shouldn’t have done that and just answered the door in my speedos.

It was Tony from next door – the four guys were off work today (the mountain is closed because of too much wind) and were heading down to the pub to shoot some pool or darts and wanted to know if I would come down.

I met them down there a quarter of an hour later.

Just mucking around and the boys are doing a road trip down to Queenstown (about 5 – maybe 6 hours south of here) for some skiing and partying and wanted to know if I wanted to come along.


So I’m going to Queenstown this weekend – we are leaving Friday and the boys were going to take their car BUT my car (which is 10 years old) is a little better maintained and being a station wagon has a bit more room for 5 boys.

We are staying at the Queenstown lodge which I just found out has a hot tub – ow I can’t wait to get these boys and particularly Tony in there. We have a two bedroom room with 1 double bed and 2 single beds – I hope I can fit 2 of the guys into that double bed with me – hehehehe.

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