Guys in Suits

You guys know that I wear speedos pretty much all the time, my speedo drawer has maybe 50 pairs of speedos in it, my underwear drawer has maybe 6 pairs of boxers in it.

Since I’m wearing speedos under my day clothes I often think it is pretty cool and it gets me wondering, is the guy I’m playing golf with also wearing speedos under his shorts?  Is the guy next to me at the bar also wearing speedos?  Is the guy in the suit next to me in the elevator wearing speedos?

Because I am.

Recently I added 2 new movies featuring masculine guys, real men, wearing suits and having speedo sex.  These two movies feature masculine guys fucking hardcore.

It is kind of funny that the new speedo movies and photos I add often reflect what is going on in my life and since I fucked Nick (masculine, late 30’s guy I met at Friday’s sex party) it is only appropriate that I add some movies featuring masculine guys.

Of course, if you are a blog member, or a member of you can watch these movies instead of just the pics.

And here is another one……

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john dee

If that guy in the red speedos came up to me and started getting friendly I would cum in my pants that’s for sure he’s fucking gorgeous and I would be more than willing to suck his cock and engage in any other gay sex he wanted no sweat

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