Have you ever joined a pay site?

A friend of mine (str8 and married) who knows what I do for a living was asking me why people join pay sites when there is soooo much free porn out there?

My first response was, Costco gives out free samples, why would you ever buy groceries?

To prove my point I guided my friend to the site X-Art which has arguably the best str8 porn I have seen on the net and I told him to join for $25.  That was about a week ago…..

I spoke to my friend yesterday on the phone and he told me he (and his wife) loved the site!!!  Beautiful models, beautifully filmed sex scenes, HD quality movies, more movies that he’ll be able to watch in the month and no pop-ups or virus’s.  Those were the positives that he mentioned.

Sounds like why I created SwimmerBoyz.com.

I’ve really tried to make SwimmerBoyz.com for people who have never ‘paid for porn’ before.  The trial period ($5 for 3 days) lets people try it out, nothing naughty comes up on their credit card statement (comes up as “CCBill – Gocah”) and I really focus on being contactable by members.

With 85 hours of movies, when I feel like watching some speedo porn I don’t bother with tube sites and all their pop-ups and crappy quality vidoes, I log into SwimmerBoyz.com for my fix.

My question in this post, and I really hope to hear from you guys, is if you have never joined a pay site can you tell me why?  And how could I make it easier for you to join a pay site?

And, if you are interested in joining SwimmerBoyz.com and have any questions – fire me an email: DaveEvans@SwimmerBoyz.com

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


one must be discrete. what if I wanted to run for Mayor of NYC? it could be hurtful to join a porn site for my future political career. OK j/k….


sorry dave, didn’t know I was anonymous. it did not fill in my name automatically like it usually does. perhaps time for a new web programmer??

Dr. Phil

Strangely enough, Dave, I get quite a lot out of the free sites on their own; the only paid site I ever joined was yours, and while I liked having a lot more photos at my fingertips, I simply don’t have the patience or the interest in films for the most part. I like a bit of imagination of my own in my fantasy/wank material, and films never give me that–I always end up finding them boring. (I have been known to skip through the sex scenes in a porn film to get to the further dialogue and plot movements, almost always to be disappointed by how vapid they are…!?!)

Undergear sends me a catalog in the mail every four to six weeks, and has done since 1995–as far as I’m concerned, for the speedo and underwear enthusiast, that’s free porn on a regular basis! 😉

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