Hello world!!!

Holy batman, it has been a week since I last posted and today I received 12 emails from people asking me if I had dropped off the planet.

No, I am still here, large as life and twice as ugly.  I have just been super busy, had some friends I grew up with from the Gold Coast in town and I am super behind with work.

I apologize, I’m not sure I have ever gone 7 days without blogging and I am definitely having withdrawl symptoms.

I have some juicy stuff happening too which I really want to share with you guys and hopefully later today I’ll have some time to sit down and tell you about it, or more, ask your advice on it (yes it is super juicy and I think you guys are going to like it).

OK, working on a new movie for SwimmerBoyz.com which I want to get online ASAP.  Talk to you guys tomorrow…. I promise.

And…. I am wearing red speedos right now so here is some red speedo eye candy (tomorrow’s ‘Speedo Photo of the Day‘ is some very hot Aussie rowers in their red speedos too).

Red Speedo GuysRed Speedo PhotoRed Speedo Man

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