Hot Asian Diver

After seeing those Aqux speedos I have been fantasizing about getting my ‘Asian Wings’.  I think asian guys are hot and they wear speedos so very well.

Unfortunately, I have never had the opportunity to have some speedo fun with an asian guy.  Anyone want to help me out with this?

This weekend has been a big one with Kip having some family friends up for some snowboarding.  Today I woke up feeling OK but I hit the wall about midday.  I didn’t drink too much but I think the 3 or 4 days in a row were what snuck up on me.  I haven’t felt that bad in a long time so I’m looking forward to a alcohol free week.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


i have had my ‘all american asian friend’ for about 6 years now. he is soo sexy. he would be a great looker on the beach with a speedo. I saw alot of aussies were up at Breck. this weekend. and it has been dumping snow up there. have fun.


As someone that’s lived in Korea and Japan, and lives currently in Seattle, I’ve dated a lot of Asian men. Gotten a few into speedos as well for some play. Not much is hotter. Had some fun in my shower with one last night 🙂


have lived in Asia for some time, have an Asian partner, and he is loved speedos, the smaller the better, lucky me


asian, long time reader, and think speedos are the hottest, although I don’t own any 🙁 … can I be your first maybe? 😛 I gotta seriously hit the gym first haha

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