Hot AussieBum photos

AussieBum speedos are definitely gaining popularity and in the last couple of months I’ve started to see more and more pics of guys wearing AussieBums (and I’m not talking about the AussieBum models).

Here are some that I’ve found – perhaps one day it will be DESwimwear that is being worn by amateur guys around the world when they take photos of themselves.

Green AussieBum
Green AussieBums
AussieBum Loose
Red AussieBums
Silver AussieBum Speedos

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Let me know what you are thinking.....

Dr. Phil

That first guy is HOT, HOT, HOT! Then again, I’ve always loved the look of a Speedo-type swimsuit on a guy with “something else”–a belt, gloves, tall boots, or, as in this case, a vest!

So, when will be seeing your DESwimwear designs, then?

Dr. Phil

Brilliant! Looking forward to it very much indeed!


guy in the green suit – amazing

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