How cute is this swimmer?

This guy is hot – I wish he was getting out of my hottub.

Speaking of which….  last night Will and I got caught in the building hottub by the building manager in our speedos.  Normally we are pretty careful and we have boardies handy incase someone else comes into the hottub area (which does happen a bit).

I’m comfortable wearing speedos but I know that some people aren’t (particularly here in North America) so I don’t mind.

We both had a drink with us and the manager (who is a nice enuf guy) asked us to change them to a plastic glass.  The bubbles were on so he couldn’t tell that we were in speedos until I got up to change both the glasses.

It definitely caught him by surprise a little but he didn’t say anything as I wrapped a towel around me.

Will and I are not ‘out’ to all and sundry and the building manager has a daughter who is around 25yo and Will has been flirting with her so I don’t think the guy really knows what is going on but I think we might have gotten him thinking.

Blue speedos

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