How did your speedo fetish start?

Kip and I went for a hike yesterday and one topic we stumbled upon during the hike was how our speedo fetish began.

For me it was a school swimming class when I developed my first guy/guy crush.  It was only a sexual crush and we were both wearing black speedos.  Nothing happened from that crush but I think that is where my speedo fetish really began.  You guys all know that this blog began with my first MMF threesome which had me wearing a pair of AussieBum portseas (click here to read that if you haven’t already).

For Kip it was being a member of his high school swim team.  It resulted in his first sexual experience and helped him discover his sexuality which he felt he was really troubled with at that time in his life.

I’d love to hear how you guys developed your love of speedos.

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


My love for Speedos has gotten me much more excited of wanting to swim wearing one.

Dr. Phil

I can’t say I know exactly…I found them attractive, albeit secretly, ever since I was a teenager. Part of me sort of says “Duh–what’s not to like?” about this question; but part of me also knows there is probably something deeper and more significant about this particular matter that I simply haven’t fully plumbed or understood at this point.

But, even though I know I’m not the only one who likes speedos for these reasons, at the same time, the existence of your blog, Dave, has helped to reassure me of it and let me know that I’m not alone, even though I hardly know anyone else in person who likes them at all, much less as much as I and many other people who read your blog do. So, thanks for that! 🙂


I have a few fetishes, but most of them crept up on me slowly. This is one of them, sort of. I have always had a thing for briefs, the tighter the better, and I guess that transferred to speedos, which are even tighter and have a delightful texture.


Mine began with “Mike and Marty”, a pair of brothers across the street from the house I grew up in. Both of them were swimmers and a couple of years older than me, but both blond, tan and gorgeous. We lived in the Pacific Northwest, so pool time for us was mostly indoors at school, or at the lake in the summer. They both had perfect swimmer bodies—smooth big chests, long arms and legs and tight asses and big packages.

I was over at their house one day and they had a laundry basket full of nylon speedos downstairs in their laundry room. I didn’t have a speedo of my own, so I helped myself to one of theirs. I’d wear it to jack off in or when I would go to the Y on the weekends.

I’d had it for awhile, but had forgotten that I’d basically stolen it from them. Made the mistake of wearing it one weekend when my family invited them on a camping trip. They didn’t out me to my parents, but took me down the beach away from the campsites and confronted me. Supposedly it was for one of the teams that Marty was on, and one of his favorites.

To teach me a “lesson”, Mike made me give him a blow job while Marty jacked off on my face. Neither of them took off their speedos, but just pulled their dicks out the side. They made me keep mine on, and I ended up cumming in my stolen ones without touching myself. I was probably 14 at the time.

That started my obsession. I still keep all my speedos in a plastic laundry basket, and probably have a collection that runs close to a hundred.


love your story, so hot!


Mine started when I found my brothers black nylon speedo at age 12. I started masterbating in it and I’ve never looked back! I now have probably two dozen or more speedos, seven or eight jammers and one skinsuit. My favorites are the speedo solar style. They are the sexiest and the most comfortable by far.


Mine started when I was in seventh grade and saw a hunky lifeguard at the community pool with his broad shoulders and lats taper down into a narrow waist and treasure trail pointing to a very thin speedo which showed his bulge and fit into his butt crack. I’ve been wearing them ever since, no only a modicum of nylon is between me and the world.


For me it was when I was at high school and guys had to wear them for swimming. I have about 12 now and the collection keeps growing!


It was Rodney Dangerfield’s movie Back To School… the hot guys on the dive team… about the same time I saw a professional dive show at six flags… hot suits with super hot guys…

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