How was your speedo weekend?

How was your weekend guys?

Kip and I had a pretty quiet one, probably because we both had a really late night on Friday.  We were just at home but we stayed up late, watches some of the Ashes (which was terrible).

Neither of us felt very good come Saturday morning when we woke up so we pretty much spent all day in bed and you guys know that when I’m hungover… I’m super super horny.

It really was a speedo sex Saturday – between the two of us we came at least a dozen times!!!

Anyway, now that we both got that out of our systems….  hahaha.

It would have been a great webcam show if we set one up.  Perhaps one day Kip and I will set one up for you guys.

Here is some speedo wrestling for you guys to enjoy.  I actually have those black speedos that the guy with the camera in the bottom pic is wearing.  I’ve had them for a while and I’m not really sure if I like them or not.  The cut is a little weird.  Any of you guys own some of them?

OK, even though it is 9pm I’ve still got a couple of hrs of work to get done so I’ll get back into it.

I’m going to post some ‘speedo self pics’ (you know the ones that guys take with their mobile phones in the mirror) later in the week – if you’ve got a good quality pic and would like it posted here email it through –

Speedo WrestlingWrestling in SpeedosSpeedo Wrestle

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Interesting combo, speedo and jock strap, which all look like Aussiebums?

Was going to purchase some Leagues just like those black ones, but if Dave doesn’t like them, doubt I would either. Thanks for the review (and pics, as always!).

Dr. Phil

I believe I do have that style, Dave…And, the fact that I don’t remember them that well suggests to me that they weren’t among my favorites that I picked up during that time (it was at least four years ago that I got them).

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