How was your weekend?

Well my weekend has been pretty busy and I haven’t been feeling all that well. Nothing too nasty just not being able to hold down much food.

Had a big day riding yesterday with some friends who are up from town and tonight we are having a BBQ (some shrimp on the barbie mate).

I haven’t been in the mood to write any more about my threesome with Will and Julie but I’m sure once my guts are feeling better I’ll finish it off.

So what did you guys get upto this weekend? Post it in the comments.

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Big Jay

I got back from working on my second home at Lake Cumberland Kentucky. Been keeping up on college schoolwork, pretty non-eventful stuff except for my second home. Hoping to get some action before monday though. Hope you feel better Dave, I hate being sick no matter how small the illness is. I also finished planning my 21st birthday party in Las Vegas, I am going in May!!! cant wait!!!


I got high for the first time!


i was at the world ski championships in oslo… those nors are crazy phuckers… i wish i could ski… hope you feel better soon…


Went bike riding in the moonlight saturday evening.
Lots of hot men in lycra with nothing on underneath.
Nothing happened though……

Buck Angel

Loved reading your blog… I was wondering if you’d be interested in trading links with mine – I’m Buck Angel, FTM pornstar. My blog is here:, let me know and I’ll put up a link to your site asap!



Hey dude, just found your blog and thought id just write to say how good it is. Im a 23 yo aussie from Perth, so good to see other aussie dudes who are into speedos too! Anyway, not much else to really say for now, but ill keep reading your blog and make a contribution soon i hope.


Hi Dave,

Havent benn here for a week .You shounld get some rest dave
sleep does wonders.
I have been busy getting ready to go to melbourne for the commwealth games leave on 17march,really looking forward to it.
Go kiwis ,kiwis.
Anyhow all the best Dave
Touch base with you in a couple of weeks.
ps Love your new format on your blog.


yes i didnt expect this on youre blog …have nice writing , greetings from holland…SPION


Hey Dave..been super busy here and haven’t had a chance to check in…hot story with Will and Julie and I look forward to the finale. A speedo buddy from sydney is coming over to London and we hope to catch up and have some speedo fun….anyway take it easy man and get better…cheers tommo



kinda new to your blog, and i love it

this wkend i went to the texas coast, but it was too cold for ocean fun. spent most of my time in the condo hottub. made googly eyes with the guy stocking the towels but sadly, nothing happened after that.


I was home visiting family but left early. Drove through bad weather to get to my lover’s house. Was tired but had enough energy for some touching and sucking.

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