I need some red speedos

I honestly don’t know where my red speedos have gone.

Somehow this topic came up between Kip and I this morning and we can’t believe that neither of us have a red speedo in the house.  There are a LOT of speedos in this house as you can imagine.

I’ve been enjoying wearing some plain navy Arena speedos around the house, just a nice fit, super comfy, the lycra is really nice and they are probably half a size too big so they come off quickly, or a cock out the leg of the speedos is easily accomplished…. something else that happens a LOT in this house.

I might pick up a pair of these Arena speedos in red.

Speaking of red speedos, here is a super hot waterpolo player wearing his red speedos expertly.

Perfect Waterpolo PlayerWaterpolo Speedo ButtWaterpolo Players in SpeedosWaterpolo Player in Red Speedo

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Sam Speedo

Yeah! Just love pic 2 of the wet water polo player, red speedo slipping slightly down his clenched butt cheeks . . . well, actually, I love them all! Hot wet bodies, most smooth, in great red speedos!

Just wondering, Dave . . . any feedback on your mate’s paper about Julian Assange? Who was the lucky speedo winner . . . ?


This guy needs to be stripped by Dave and Kip! All these pics are delicious.

Must say, my red Arena’s are among my favorite, which I am willing to sacrifice a strip by Dave and Kip.


Dave, you would look great in red. I have a red Arena, red Nike, & a maroon AB. There is just something exciting about a guy in red. You should definitely get one.

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