I’m back – and I had a great time.

Yo guys – I have been talking to a few of you on MSN and yes I am back.

There was a bit of strife in Fiji but Patrick and I didn’t even know about it until we got to the airport – I didn’t read anything online and there were no news papers. Visibly we didn’t see anything either – we were only on the mainland for less than a few hours between the transfer from the dock to the airport. Hopefully things will settle down.

I had an amazing time with Patrick. He was fantastic and the nervousness I felt before hand about the whole ‘speedo escort’ thing was quickly relieved and it was just like being there with a boyfriend.

So the company was good – and the island – ow my god it was amazing!!! Most days Patrick and I found a quite beach and just hung out in our speedos – some days we literally ‘hung out of our speedos’ but that is another story.

The third factor in the trip – speedos. Well I definitely made up on my public/outdoor speedo wearing time over the week I can promise you guys. I think that on average I would have spent 18 or more hours a day ONLY wearing a speedo.

Just a quick post to let you guys know I’m back safe and sound and had a fantastic time.

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