I’m back

Yes I am back and I’m off to the hospital – and no I haven’t hurt myself again I am going to the hospital to have my cast cut off!!!

I’m rather excited about it.

In anticipation of getting my cast off and the weather warming up I’ve lined up a 25m lap pool in town here (there is no community/public pool) but a friend of Matt’s manages one of the nicer hotels in town and has given me a key. I think that maybe Matt’s friend (whom I’ve only met once might be a little gay so this pool offer could come with ‘benefits’).

I haven’t quite finished my story about Michael but I’ll do that tonight and post it on here tomorrow or Sunday (I have to post it on ‘my site‘ first as they are the guys who look after me).

I was backing up the blog this morning and I found this pic which I posted in June last year – I wish I had 2 friends I could just hand around with like this…..

Three gay friends.

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