I’m off walk about (in my speedos of course)

After 3 days in bed doing absolutely nothing I’m feeling better.  I wasn’t doing nothing, I was working and watching season 3 of “24”.  Today the weather is fantastic and I’ve been working all day – you guys really should join www.SwimmerBoyz.com since I spend so much time working on it.

Around lunch time I decided that tomorrow I am going on a mission.  So I’m heading north of here into a valley that is really beautiful.  I will stay overnight (either in a hut or in a tent which I borrowed off Peter).  I’m a little scared I do admit – it is a big trip and the weather is supposed to close in on Tuesday.

Wish me luck guys – there are some pools that I’ll swim in so I’ll take my speedos and my camera.

Speedo Soloar

I saw this pic earlier today of a blue solar speedo – I have this speedo in black but it doesn’t look as good as his.

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