Imagine Camping with this guy.

Morning everyone. It is Monday morning here and I’ve had a busy weekend (there was a rugby final on Saturday night) and I went and watched a local rallying racing yesterday with Mark.

The next 2 days (at least) I’m going to hibernate infront of my computer and do some work. Number 1 on the list is to finish writing my story about playing with Trev and Antony – might be up later today if not tomorrow for sure.

So in the mean time – I though I’d post this pic (it is 1 in a series of 64 fotos) that I’m adding to ‘my site’ today. Man I would love to be camping in speedos with this guy. The foto shoot was taken by a friend of mine on Fraser Island in Queensland. I’ll post some more pics of him later in the week and tell you about the fun I’ve had at Fraser Island.


Camping in speedos.

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