It couldn’t get any colder.

Guys it could not get colder here in the South Island of New Zealand!!!

It has been puking snow even at my place (which normally gets 1 or 2 light snowfalls a year). I went up snowboarding this morning and on the way down I gave 3 people a ride (they had a camper van and it was too scary to drive it down). I ended up using chains on all 4 wheels and it was still painfully slow.

I’ve never seen it like this before and neither has anyone else.

There are some people (mainly farmers) in the region who have been without power for a week!!!

So with all this is mind I’m thinking instead of going back to Canada for the northern winter I might go back to Australia and get to wear my speedos on the beach instead of a Canadian hot tub. Any suggestions on where I go?

I was thinking maybe the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane) – here is a pic of Mooloolaba. There is a uni campus near by so there should be some hot guys floating around – hehehehe. Well I’m going to post this discussion on the forum at so if you have a suggestion on where I should live come October drop in and let me know – click here for the forum.

Do you think I should live here?

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