I’ve arrived in Mexico

What a HUGE day of traveling I’ve just had….

I left from the hotel on the 5:30am shuttle and I walked in my hotel room here in Mexico at 6pm.  I think 2 of those hrs are time zone changes so its not quite 12hrs.

Everything ran like clockwork.  The only thing I was annoyed about was the guy who grabbed my bags as I walked out of the airport on the way to the shuttle – he wouldn’t put them down and therefore I thought he was with the shuttle company – then he puts them down and is waiting for a tip – I’m not some 80yo lady who needs her bags carried but I had to pay him.

It has been dark since I arrived so I have no idea what the place looks like but from the front entry and the hotel room it looks pretty flash.

I met Antonio,  Lindsay and Justin for the first time and I arrived just in time for dinner at one of the 5 restaurants in the complex – you guys know that this place is all inclusive right?

When I arrived I picked up a spare key from the lobby as planned and when I got to the room the other 3 guys were having some drinks on the patio/deck overlooking the beach.  I only had time to have a quick shower before dinner and right now I’ve ducked back to the room after dinner to check some work stuff and to write a quick post to you guys.

Antonio is HOT just as his fotos showed – I’m keen to get his shirt off and see some of those muscles of his and he has told me he is ‘waxed in all the places I can imagine’ so I’m looking forward to seeing that as well.

Lindsay and Justin seem like great guys as well and so far I think it is going to be a great week.

Will tell you guys how it goes tomorrow….

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Let me know what you are thinking.....


Hi Dave,
Enjoy yourself buddie,to the full,life is to short.
Take care



Have a great time in MEXICO! (Wish you were staying with me! LOL).

Be cautious of buggers trying to get tips out of you. My parents had
a similar experience with waiters, taxi drivers etc when we were in

Does Antonio have a pair of your DE WHITESPEEDOS? I wish I
was a fly on the wall!!

I’m currently making a list for you where you can get ARENA black
speedos..as in your pics! I may even buy a couple and send you a pair.
That’s if you are interested.

Keep us posted Dave and most importantly stay well and guard your wallet
and valuables in the hotel!

Robbie xoxxo

Rod Steele (jon)

Your White speedos advertising the site…Do you have any still available? Used that someone might part with.

Horned up speedoguyhere…yeah yeah…no worse or better than any other speedo lover.


Hi Dave

Hope you enjoy Mexico as much as I did. I went to Cancun in 2005 loved it very nice place. I only was taken one time and that was on some time share thing. Have fun.


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