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Late night drunken post here guys…..

You don’t like it when I post about politics and my late night drunken posts are just as much dribble.  Tonight I was out with Kip’s neighbour and we got talking to these pretty local girls and I ran out of conversation.  They asked me what I did and I said “I run a bunch of gay porn sites.”

Kip’s neighbour, he knows what we do and he is kewl about it. Since he is the first, lets call him Adam.  Adam is always discrete and he was suprised when I told a chick we were both hitting on that I ran porn sites, gay porn sites.

The girls were surprised too.

They had their smart fones, they looked up this blog and they didn’t recognise me from the pic on the header.  That is not me, I’m not blond.

I told the girls that I’d post about them, I wrote their names on my left forearm and you guys now know what arsenal I take with me when I go out on the town.  Hip flask, zippo lighter (I don’t and have never smoked), money clip and a waterman pen.  What I wrote on my arm was “Jessie and Michelle”, the 2nd line was what I overheard a fella tell a girl he was hitting on, he said he had drank “Too much shine” (she was a cutie, he wasn’t and I couldn’t make up that line).

I’m writing this post before going to bed, I really need to go to bed.

I never get to show off my work in public and I’m pretty sure, the pretty girls that I shared what I do with, won’t remember it.  There were a millions guys buying for their attention and my blog held their attention for a couple of minutes more than I could on my own.  If the girls check this blog, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.


Jessie & Michelle
“Too Much Shine”

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